About me

Christopher Scott is an internationally recognised award-winning designer. Born in Northern Ireland, he received both a bachelors and a Masters degree in Design from the University of Ulster, Magee. The concepts of his work are paramount to his visuals, and his work communicates strong and meaningful messages with humanity at the core of his designs.

Scott has won more than 300 international awards and has been recognised by many organisations such as the WWF, International Poster Biennale Warsaw, Poster For Tomorrow, Amnesty International, Designboom, Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee, Adobe and he received a silver medal in the International Design Awards and also 3 Gold awards at the prestigious Graphis in United States.

His work has been exhibited all around the world including countries such as Iran, Mexico, Russia, China, Korea, Ecuador, Germany, Poland, Italy, Peru, Korea, the United States and many more, including the Louvre in Paris, France. He has been a member of multiple international juries and he is also the Co-Founder of Poster Poster and the Founder of Designers Speak.

Scott has also given conferences and workshops in countries such as China, United States, Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia, Venezuela, Mexico, Northern Ireland and Russia. Currently he is a Professor of Graphic Design at the Iowa State University, Invited Professor at the University of Kragujevac in Serbia, Invited Professor at the Capital Normal University in China and Ex-President and Founder of the Ecuador Poster Bienal®.


Good50x70 2009
Poster for Tomorrow 2009
Designboom – Green Earth finalist
Poster for a Healthier World 2009
Green+You 2010
Skopje Student Poster competition 2010
4th World Student Poster Biennale
Good Poster Hong Kong 2010 – Selected best poster
YAKU 4th International poster exhibition 2010
Haiti poster project – World Bank, USA
Creacartel Venezuela 2010
The Spirit of Fifa – TEDx India
International Design Awards 2010 – Silver Medal
Hope Japan Poster 2011
Fly like birds 2011
International Poster Exhibition in Tehran, Iran 2011
Design vs poverty 2011
Mut Zur Wut 2011
Segunda Llamada 2011- Finalist poster
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011 – Semi finalist
Save the Tipnis posters
FID Festival Internacional de Diseño Costa Rica
Creacartel Venezuela 2011
Cartel para no olvidar 2011
I love design 2011
San Violentín 2012
Green Patriots Poster show 2012
Recolor Somolia in Tehran, Iran 2012
I love design 2012
Seeds of peace 2012
OCCUPY: what’s next? Public choice Category Award – 1st place
Adfesta International Typography Festival – Finalist
Golden Bee 10 Moscow, Russia
Poster for Tomorrow 2012
International Invitational Poster Festival 2013
Posters for Peace in Syria ‘AUX ARMES CITOYENS !’
Festival de Diseño y Artes Aplicadas – Cromía
Innovation in Education – International Poster Exhibition
2 Concurso de Carteles Una Mano por el Diseño
International Reggae Poster Contest 2013
6th International Poster Exhibition Pachamama
Escucha MI VOZ 2013
6th United Designs International Biennial
Art Moves 2013 – 6th International Festival
3rd International Art Festival of Resistance
International Student Poster Biennial – Lublin 2013
Creacartel Venezuela 2013
2013 Busan Design Association 40th Anniversary
Exposición de Cartel en Homenaje a José Guadalupe POSADA
International Poster Exhibition in Korea 2013
COW International Design Festival 2013
Poster for Tomorrow 2013
40 Ideas – Mexico
Graphis Poster Annual 2015 – Gold award
MujerOn in Mexico city
Today is already tomorrow – International exhibition
2014 KSBDA International Spring Exhibition
VIDAK 20 International Poster Design Exhibition
New “Form” international invitational graphic design exhibition 2014
Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition 2014
Gaza Poster Exhibition
Escucha MI VOZ 2014
1st International Exhibition Poster FAIR PLAY 2014
Golden Bee 11 Moscow, Russia
Ausentes – Carteles sobre el abuso sexual infantil
Poster for Tomorrow 2014
7th United Designs – Shanghai
2015 China-Italy International Design Week – Silver award and Jury award
TodayPosters International Poster Exhibition “World without Violence”
Golden Turtle 9 Russia
Graphis Social&Political Protest Posters – Gold award
BICeBé | Bienal del Cartel Bolivia 2015
Posterland 1st International Poster Competition
2015 Asia / Next | Poster Experimental Design Exhibition
IX International Eco-Poster Triennial in Ukraine
Graphis Poster Annual 2015 – GOLD award
Golden Bee 12 Moscow, Russia
China Italy International Design Awards – Silver Award y Jury Award
Poster for Tomorrow 2016
Lahti International Poster Triennial 2017
The International Group Exhibition of Poster ‘Fairplay’ 2017
2. Posterland.org International Poster Competition
Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2017
The 6th Iran International Green Film Festival
Golden Turtle 10 Russia
2017 Taiwan International Graphic Design Award
Graphis Poster Annual 2018 – SILVER award
International Poster Biennale – Warsaw, Poland
Posterfest 2018
Poster For Tomorrow 2018
Golden Bee 18 Moscow, Russia
Posters_Hakka Impression International Poster Invitation Exhibition
Strelka International Design Biennale 2018
X International Eco-Poster Trienniale

Jury roles

Poster for Tomorrow 2010
Green+You 2010
Walls Down 5th International poster exhibition 2011
Project sunshine for Japan
2nd Vibre Poster Festival – Iran
Poster for Tomorrow 2013
Art Directors Club Denver – 2014 Annual Awards Show
ITSI – Campus Diseño II
Escucha mi Voz 2015 – Mexico
Design Cup 2015 – Kyrgyzstan
1st Global Students Advertising Works Invitational Tournament
Red Ribbon Festival Competition Poster – Iran
International Samsun Poster Competition – Turkey
Flexibility International Brand Design Awards
Bienal Peruana de Diseño
International Call for Posterrorism 2019
El Quiteño
Strelka International Design Biennale 2018


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