How to make a good social poster

1.  Concept – A simple yet good concept is essential to making a good poster.  You should be able to explain your poster in one sentence.

2.  Personal – Take the subject matter to heart.

3.  Provote – Make sure your poster gets a reaction from the viewer.

4.  Empathy – Show understanding for whom your poster effects the most.

5.  Negative/Positive – Your poster can show a negative or positive attitude towards a brief.

6.  See – Always remember people see with their eyes.  Try to catch their attention.

7.  Connect –  How do I connect to the general audience and the people concerning this problem?

8.  Universal – Your poster should reach a wide audience.  So that everyone around the world is effected by your poster in some way.

9.  Put yourself in their shoes – Try to put yourself in the mindset of the people your poster effects.  Also what experiences and situations they would go through in their life.

10.  Why? – Ask yourself why am I creating this poster?

by Christopher Scott

One response to “How to make a good social poster”

  1. These principles are indispensable, Christopher.
    Many thanks for this.

    Good wishes from India. 🙂

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