Posters for Syria – Exhibition at UMET


Tomorrow (8th March 2013) we will have a small exhibition of Poster for Syria a project by the Paris organisation Collectif Ne Rougissez Pas.

It will contain the selected posters from the students of the Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador (Umet Ecuador).

Marco Castro, Carlos Cepeda, Israel Espinosa, Angel Figueroa, Santiago Peralta, Marilyn Raza, David Tipantuńa.

Some of the other selected designers for the project are some of the very best poster designers in the world including: Yossi Lemel, Laze Tripkov, Pascal Colrat, Alain Le Quernec and many more…

It is a pleasure and honour to teach such talented and hard working students.

Christopher Scott
Professor of Graphic Design
Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador

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