Solution Pollution by Santiago Peralta – Posterheroes 3

I am so honoured to announce that the poster of my student Santiago Peralta (who is a design student at the Umet Ecuador) was selected for the 3rd edition of the international social poster competition Posterheroes.  879 posters from 59 nations  and Santiago’s poster ‘Solution Pollution’ was selected as one of the 40 finalist.

Congratulations Santiago you deserve it because you worked so hard during all my classes.

solution pollution by Santiago Peralta

3 responses to “Solution Pollution by Santiago Peralta – Posterheroes 3”

  1. With just a little bit of reworking on the text, this would be a really popular shirt design if you were so inclined.

  2. so simple and yet so effective! loved the concept 🙂

  3. […] Scott, 2013. Solution Pollution by Santiago Peralta. [Wordpress]. Available at:… [Accessed 22 January […]

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