Green Patriot – 2014 Wall Calendar

I am proud to have my poster ‘Dead Leaf’ included in the Green Patriot – 2014 Wall Calendar.

The Green Patriot wall calendar is a collection of outstanding contemporary posters promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change. These dynamic posters, which never rest on the tired slogans of the past (“Save the Earth,” etc.), show that graphic design does not passively respond to the zeitgeist – it helps shape it.
The calendar is based on the Green Patriot Posters book, published by Metropolis Books in association with The Canary Project and the Environmental Defense Fund. The inspiration for the project first came from the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and posters from the World War II era, when transforming consumption habits and conserving became patriotic. The work in this collection is a rallying cry, a potent tool for communication and social transformation.



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