It was a great honour for me to have a conference and workshop at the LA RUEDA de EDCOM in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

A huge thanks to Carlos González Lema for the kind invitation, to my awesome assistant Santiago Gómez and finally to all the wonderful people that came to the event.

La Rueda de Edcom La-Rueda-de-Edcom-1 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-2 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-4 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-5 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-6 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-8 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-9 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-10 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-11 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-12 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-13 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-14 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-15 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-16 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-17 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-18 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-19

La-Rueda-de-Edcom-20 La-Rueda-de-Edcom-21

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