Poster for Tomorrow – La Metro Ecuador

Last week it was an honour to have the exhibition Poster for Tomorrow – Work Right in La Metro in Quito, Ecuador.

A huge thanks to Lucho, Carla and the rest of the team at the Ministerio Cultura Ecuador for helping us organise such a wonderful opening and exhibition.  Also thanks to the team at La Metro for arranging the exhibition and for letting us use their awesome facilities. 

pft-2014-la-metro-0 pft-2014-la-metro-1 pft-2014-la-metro-2 pft-2014-la-metro-3 pft-2014-la-metro-4 pft-2014-la-metro-5 pft-2014-la-metro-6 pft-2014-la-metro-7 pft-2014-la-metro-8 pft-2014-la-metro-9 pft-2014-la-metro-10

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