Ecuador Poster Bienal – Centro Cultural PUCE

On the 29th September it was an honour to have the opening ceremony of the 1st Ecuador Poster Bienal exhibition at the Centro Cultural PUCE

In total it had taken 2 years to make this happen and I am very proud of what we achieved with our first exhibition.

There is so many people to thank so I am sorry if I have missed out anyone. Firstly I would like to thank our wonderful selection jury consisting of Andrew Lewis, Homa Delvaray, Jessica Walsh, Lech Majewski, Lex Drewinski, Luba Lukova, Mario Fuentes, Mehdi Saeedi, Moises Romero, Natalia Delgado, Serge Serov and Stephan Bundi. Secondly I would like to thank our preselection jury consisting of Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, Antonio Mena, Behnam Raeesian, Byoung il Sun, Elmer Sosa, Iva Babaja, Javier Perez, Jan Rajlich Jr., Sergio Olivotti, Richard Doubleday, Sha Feng, Mary Anne Pennington and Peter Bankov. Thirdly I would like to thank our Category D jury consisting of Antonio Mena, David Jimenez and Mario Fuentes.

Also I would like to say a huge thank to Gaby Acosta for giving us permission to use the wonderful gallery space of the Cultural Culture PUCE.  A special thanks to our volunteers who worked very hard over a period of almost 2 weeks during the exhibition setup.

In the gallery we had 5 wonderful exhibitions in total; so thank you Jean-Benoit Levy, Alfredo Aguirre, Luis Yañez, Roberto Paz, Peter Bankov and Mario Fuentes for showcasing your fantastic posters with us.

A very important component for us is all the designers that sent 9620 posters from 84 countries from all around the world. The quality of work was astonishing and I am extremely humbled by your support and belief in the Ecuador Poster Bienal. We look forward to receiving your wonderful posters for our next edition.

Finally I would like to say a special thanks to my brother Santiago Gómez and my wife Viviana Urvina; I simply could not have made this project without you both by my side.

Your friend,
Christopher Scott
President Ecuador Poster Bienal


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