International Bridge Poster Design Exhibition – Iran and Ecuador

Veresk Design Department in line with its cultural and social responsibility on the 4th August in cooperation with the prestigious designer Christopher Scott inaugurated The International Bridge Poster Design Exhibition. In this virtual exhibition, 15 Iranian artists along with 15 artists from Ecuador will present various works based on cultural, social, human and ecological issues.

This international event has the objective to create a constructive cultural interaction between graphic designers of the two countries with the language of art and play a constructive role in creating mutual understanding between human beings.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibition will be held on the website and Instagram of the Veresk Design Department and the website of Christopher Scott.

Behnam Raeesian from Iran and Christopher Scott from Ecuador are the secretaries of this event.

The content for the news was taken from the Veresk website.

Posters from Ecuador

Posters from Iran

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