Call For Posters – Ecuador Poster Bienal 2022

Last week was the official launch of the 4th edition of the poster competition the Ecuador Poster Bienal 2022 of which is considered one of most important events for the poster and graphic design in Ecuador and the world.

From it’s beginning back in 2015 the EPB has received more than 30,000 works from 84 countries and has opened exhibitions in Ecuador, China, Argentina, Chile, France and Poland of which has contributed greatly to the visual arts nationally and internationally.

A: Advertising
B: Social, Cultural and Political
C: Students
D: Animated
E: Galapagos

Main Jury:
David Carson / USA
Rikke Hansen / Denmark
Erich Brechbühl / Switzerland
Verónica Fuerte / Spain
Felipe Taborda / Brazil
Felipe Jácome López / Ecuador
Paula Scher / USA
Xiao Yong / China
Leo Lin / Taiwan
Johnathon Strebly / Canada
Coco Cerrella / Argentina
María José Rodríguez / Ecuador
Agnieszka Ziemiszewska / Poland

Preselection Jury:
Eduardo Davit / Uruguay
Olga Severina / Russia
Keith Kitz / USA
Johnny Gavilanes / Ecuador
He Huang / China
Maria Papaefstathiou / Greece
Arafat Al-Naim / United Arab Emirates
Li Zhongyang / China
Claudia Tello / Mexico
Dawid Czajkowski / Poland
Pamela Pinto / Ecuador
Helen Baranovska / Ukraine
Eric Olivares / Mexico

Jury Category E:
Felipe Jácome López / Ecuador
María José Rodríguez / Ecuador
Johnny Gavilanes / Ecuador
Pamela Pinto / Ecuador

31st May 2022

Upload your work here:

We look forward to receiving your great work.

#epb2022 #ecuadorposterbienal #fiestadelcartel

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