United States International Poster Biennial 2023

Finally after nearly one year of waiting I am so happy to announce my new project; the inaugural United States International Poster Biennial. Since May 2022 Ryan Slone and myself have been working extremely hard to make something truly special for the country and the world.

A special mention to Bernard Canniffe for your guidance…and of course nothing is possible without my amazing wife Viviana Urvina.

Rikke Hansen
Angelina Lippert
Saki Mafundikwa
Woody Pirtle
Drueding + Scorsone
Felipe Taborda
Xiao Yong
Agnieszka Ziemiszewska

A. Social
B: Cultural
C: Animated
D: Inclusion
E: History of the US poster

Deadline: 07.01.2023

USIPB proudly celebrates and promotes national and international poster design excellence.

The USIPB is proud to be endorsed by the IBCC International Biennales Coordinating Committee. You can check out the press release here: http://sbb-bienale-brno.cz/americke-bienale-plakatu…/

More information can be found on our official website and social media:

Thanks to Michael Braley for creating the wonderful branding for USIPB.


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