Computer Arts – October 2019

Finally proud to share the wonderful news that I am currently featured in this month’s iconic Computer Arts Magazine.

Back when I was a Graphic Design student at the Ulster University, Magee I greatly admired the Computer Arts Magazine of which I bought each month (when I had the money of course). So it was always a dream to be part of this famous magazine.

If you are based in the UK it would be great if you could take some photos and share them with me.

A huge thanks to Beren Neal Editor, Computer Arts magazine at Future Plc for the confidence and patience.



Yuyay Visual Magazine

My students at the Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador have started a project called ‘Yuyal Visual’ to create a new magazine and platform to showcase the creative people in Ecuador and around the world.

You can like the facebook page at the link below:

More news on Yuyay Visual to be published in the coming days and months…


yuyay visual banner yuyay visual logo