Poster For Tomorrow 2016

It is an honour to announce that my poster ‘Safety Against Violence’ has been selected for the 2016 edition of Poster for Tomorrow – Make Extremism History.

The selected 100 posters will be exhibited in several cities around the world such as Aix-En-Provence, Ankara, Cairo, Chelyabink, Doha, Florence, Gainesville, Guayaquil, Istanbul, Karachi, kermanshah, Marrakech, Mumbai, Sarajevo, Tabriz, Thessaloniki, Quito and more.

For more information about Poster for Tomorrow visit their website here.


Sex Sells

I am proud to announce my new poster series ‘Sex Sells’. This is a new style for me based on collage and image-making that communicate the message of the power of sex visuals in the advertising and design industry.

Also it is an honour that this series will be published in the book Design Exposed, about nudity in graphic design and advertising by Mirko Ilic and Steven Heller.