SIGNO 6 Venezuela

It was my honour and privilege to give a workshop and conference at the Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014 in Merida, Venezuela.

A huge thanks to Sasha Becerra and the Signo team for inviting me and making everything so comfortable and easy.

Also I would like to thank all my friends and the people of Venezuela who made me feel so welcome in Venezuela. (José José Villamizar, Juan Manuel Madriz Pontiles, Nathaly Bonilla, Tamara Hadeed, Rubén Darío Moreno Aldana, Vanessa Zúñiga, Gabriel Figuera, Jaime Cruz, Rafael Marquino and everyone else)

congreso-signo-2014-0 congreso-signo-2014-9 congreso-signo-2014-1 congreso-signo-2014-2 congreso-signo-2014-3 congreso-signo-2014-4 congreso-signo-2014-5 congreso-signo-2014-6 congreso-signo-2014-7 congreso-signo-2014-8 congreso-signo-2014-10 congreso-signo-2014-11 congreso-signo-2014-12 congreso-signo-2014-13 congreso-signo-2014-14 congreso-signo-2014-15 congreso-signo-2014-16 congreso-signo-2014-17 congreso-signo-2014-18 congreso-signo-2014-19 congreso-signo-2014-20 congreso-signo-2014-21 congreso-signo-2014-22 congreso-signo-2014-23 congreso-signo-2014-24 congreso-signo-2014-25 congreso-signo-2014-26 congreso-signo-2014-27 congreso-signo-2014-28 congreso-signo-2014-29 congreso-signo-2014-30 congreso-signo-2014-31 congreso-signo-2014-32 congreso-signo-2014-33 congreso-signo-2014-34 congreso-signo-2014-35 congreso-signo-2014-36 congreso-signo-2014-37 congreso-signo-2014-38 congreso-signo-2014-39

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