People say

“I can imagine you in the next 30 years.  You will be an old man like me.  But this time you will be as important as Milton Glaser.  I’m happy to know you.”

John Moore


“The poster master.”

Elo Marc


“Your posters are quite amazing. They are exactly what one expects from conceptual and socially-responsible design; strong, simple and to the point.”

Mirko Ilic


“It is something that many truly good designers leave out when you talk to them – is how determined he is, how enthusiastic he is for his ‘art’. He doesn’t tell us for instance how hard he works and how he searches for answers.

Believe me – he works hard, he’s just like a little dog with a big bone. He’ll work and work and work at it, drag it through the mud, up hills and down into the valley until he gets it home and put to bed.”

Robin Hodge


“Christopher is very talented. I don’t think people realize how difficult and complicated it is to create something simple. True talent is when the artist can pull this off, at the same time not being contemplated by the viewer. Christopher’s work is magnificent and I feel honored to be on this earth the same time that he is.”

Rosemary Kavanagh O’Carroll


“These are excellent, Christopher.  They manage to be sophisticated while seeming to be improvised and spontaneous, exhilarating.

Lou Beach


“This graphics works are a wonderful example of contemporary visual communication, the dominion, the skill in each piece of design are amazing, congratulations.”

Juan Carlos Darias


Bob Noorda once told me that it was “the curiosity” the only quality he would have asked to a new employer in his design studio. I believe that Curiosity is the basis of the work of Christopher, a curiosity that means research, experimentation. Never the same poster, never the same style.

And so… On the road again, Chris!

Sergio Olivotti


Talent. Passion. Devotion. Enthusiasm. Surprize!

Yossi Lemel


A poster specialist!

Götz Gramlich


Great to work with, lots of spunk.

Ronald J. Cala II


Christopher I absolutely adore your thoughts when it comes to your work. You have a genius mind and I mean that. Pleasure to know you pal.

Daveit Ferris


You really are a champion of the arts!

James Verdesoto

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