Contribution to Education in Graphic Design in Ecuador

Last month I had the honor and amazing surprise of being awarded by the Instituto Tecnológico Cordillera ITSCO for my contribution to education in Graphic Design in Ecuador.

Thanks to Lizeth Guerrero, Alejandro Gálvez and the Career of Graphic Design for the kind recommendation. It is a real honor for me and I am truly humbled and grateful for this recognition of 7 years teaching in Ecuador.

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SIGNÚ in Poland

Last week was the official opening of the exhibition SIGNÚ International Digital Illustration Exhibition in cooperation with the career of UTE Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad UTE, Ecuador and the WIT – Warsaw School of Information Technology and Management, Poland.

Over 40 works were exhibited in the Galeria WIT on the 11th December which will stay open to the public until the middle of January 2020.

A Special thanks to Anna Kłos and the WIT – Warsaw School of Information Technology and Management for your continued support and we look forward to collaborating more in the near future.

Full list of students participating in the exhibition at the WIT Gallery:
Adrian Quinatoa, Anastasiia Ulianova, Anna Janiszewska, Anna Panteleeva, Anna Szukała, BingHui Song, Bryan Cuasapaz, Carlos Morocho, Damir Omić, Daria Wójcik, Dominika Rabińska, Eleonora Wasielewska, Emilio Acosta, Estefany Erazo, Hanna Oloś, Izabella Szymanowska, Joanna Magdoń, Juan Tugumbango, Julia Kołak, Julia Maciorowska, Kamil Karpiński, Karolina Bartoszuk, Katarzyna Nachman, Krzysztof Szcześniak, Leonardo Gomez, Luis López, María Moreno, Mariana Terletska, Móricz Ildikó, Nina Batinica, Olivia Titley, Osmar Rivera, Patrycja Młynek, Paweł Podkowiński, Ryszard Pęza, Sebastián Mármol, Stanisław Książak, Tetiana Voinalovych.

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It is not very often I am speechless; however visiting the beautiful Quilotoa Volcano (which is a water-filled caldera in the western Andes of Ecuador) a few months ago was certainly one of those special moments that took my breath away.

Ecuador is without doubt the most beautiful country in the world.


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Ecuador Poster Bienal® 2018

A few weeks ago we officially opened the exhibitions for the Ecuador Poster Bienal® 2018 in the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamín Carrión – Sala Jaoquin Pinto.

A huge thanks to everyone who made this such a special night for myself and the Ecuador Poster Bienal team. It is something that we will never forget.

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