Poster for Tomorrow – A home for everyone – Ibarra, Ecuador

The 2013 edition of Poster for Tomorrow – ‘A home for everyone’ is currently at the Universidad Técnica del Norte in Ibarra, Ecuador.  I was honoured to be invited to talk and show the students and people of the University around the exhibition.

The exhibition will be on display to the end of this month.

Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-1 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-2 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-3 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-5 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-6 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-7 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-8 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-9 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-10 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-11 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-12 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-13 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-14 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-15 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-16 Poster-for-Tomorrow-Ibarra-Ecuador-17

2 responses to “Poster for Tomorrow – A home for everyone – Ibarra, Ecuador”

  1. Hi Chris …… this is insanely creative ….i love your work ….i would like to promote your work in India specially …” Home for everyone” ….do let me know how can we work together ….

    India | Mumbai

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