Today is already tomorrow – Winners

Today is already tomorrow - winners

Dear participants to the competition “Today is already tomorrow – a tribute to Albe and Lica Steiner”,
We are very pleased to communicate the list of the 40 posters selected for the exhibition which will be held on 30 May 2014 at the school “IPS Albe Steiner”, Turin:

Alessia Frau – Italy
Andrea Alice Bronzetti – Republic of San Marino
Andrea_Picadaci – Italy
Aniello Frasca – Switzerland
Artur Barcik – Poland
Beatrice Tossuti – Italy
Bita Ahmadi – Iran
Caterina Redaelli – Italy
Christopher Scott – Ireland
Cinzia Bongino – Italy
Debora Marini – Italy
Franziska Loos – Germany
Giorgia Canfora – Italy
Hsueh Yi Ji – Taiwan
Ilya Bryabrin – Russia
Isidro Pérez Carrión – Mexico
Jesy Moliterno – Italy
Mario Fuentes – Ecuador
Mary Anne Pennington – USA (2 posters)
Marta Lo Bracco – Italy
Matteo Facchini – Italy
Melania Tombari – Italy
Michael Scodeggio – Italy
Mina Bakliza – Serbia
Mingliang Li – China (2 posters)
Nicola Lotta – Italy
Orhan Ardahanli – Turkey
Paolo Berra – Italy
Roberto Falconi – Italy
Saleh Zanganeh – Iran
Salvatore Piazzolla – Italy
Santiago Gómez – Ecuador
Sina Afshar – Iran
Toshifumi_Kawaguchi – Japan
Wu Zhonghao – Cina
Sha Feng – China

The winner of the 500 € prize is:
Nikodem Pregowski – Poland
The Commission wishes to thank all the students and the designers from 23 countries that took part in this project.

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