Poster for Tomorrow – La Metro Ecuador

Last week it was an honour to have the exhibition Poster for Tomorrow – Work Right in La Metro in Quito, Ecuador.

A huge thanks to Lucho, Carla and the rest of the team at the Ministerio Cultura Ecuador for helping us organise such a wonderful opening and exhibition.  Also thanks to the team at La Metro for arranging the exhibition and for letting us use their awesome facilities. 

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Ecaudor Poster Bienal

I am extremely proud and honoured to announce my new project the Ecuador Poster Bienal.

The response has been overwhelming and I feel very proud to make this project a reality for such a beautiful country as Ecuador.

Special thanks to CromíaMinisterio Cultura EcuadorSantiago GómezJavier JarrínStephen ScottViviana UrvinaMario Fuentes and Christian Lasso Rocha. For without all your help and support this project would not exist.

You can upload your posters to our website:

This is only the beginning.

Your friend,
Christopher Scott

Ecuador Poster Bienal




Graphis Social&Political Protest Posters book

A few weeks ago I was honoured to receive the Graphis Social&Political Protest Posters book which includes my Gold award winning poster ‘Dead Leaf’.

The world’s problems have generally never changed, and this book is a cry from some of the world’s top designers. The subjects confronted in this book include anti-war, anti-violence, the environment, disasters, human rights, health, and politics. There are also statements from numerous historic figures, such as Jefferson, Adams, Gandhi, Mandela and Eisenhower. Winning posters are afforded a full-page presentation and all entrants will have their work permanently archived on our website. The Platinum, Gold and Silver award-winning posters are from numerous countries around the world. A few of the winning designers are Takashi Akiyama, Andrea Castelletti, Pascal Colrat, Paul Garbett, Milton Glaser, Mark Gowing, Götz Gramlich, Toshiaki & Hisa Ide, Scott Laserow, Boris Ljubicic, Armando Milani, Finn Nygaard, Harry Pearce, Pete Rossi, Ryan Russell, Jan Sabach, Christopher Scott and Hajime Tsushima, among many others. This book presents the power and voice of the poster.


Relatos, concursos y expos – Cienfuegos

Last night I was very proud and happy as the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial had the opening of the exhibition ‘Relatos, concursos y expos’ at the gallery ‘Cienfuegos’ in Quito, Ecuador which consisted of all the awards my students have won over the past 2 semesters.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen and congratulations to all the students.

ute-cienfuegos-1 ute-cienfuegos-3 ute-cienfuegos-4 ute-cienfuegos-5 ute-cienfuegos-6 ute-cienfuegos-7 ute-cienfuegos-8 ute-cienfuegos-9 ute-cienfuegos-10 ute-cienfuegos-11 ute-cienfuegos-12 ute-cienfuegos-13 ute-cienfuegos-14 ute-cienfuegos-15 ute-cienfuegos-16 ute-cienfuegos-17 ute-cienfuegos-18 ute-cienfuegos-19 ute-cienfuegos-20 ute-cienfuegos-21 ute-cienfuegos-22 ute-cienfuegos-2