Workshop with Christopher Scott – CROMÍA 2014

Last week I was honoured to give a workshop at CROMÍA 2014 in Ibarra, Ecuador. The theme of the workshop was ‘The Social Poster’ and the topic the participants created for was the 2014 edition of Poster for Tomorrow – Work Right!

A huge thankyou to the Universidad Técnica del Norte who made me feel so welcome. To the 42 talented participants who worked so hard over the 3 days and even worked nearly double the scheduled hours for the workshop. To Mario Fuentes who was so kind to visit the workshop on the final day to give the participants that final push of guidance and inspiration. To the Ministerio de Cultura for inviting me to be part of the wonderful event and making everything so easy and enjoyable. And finally a massive thankyou to my 2 amazing assistants (Santiago Gómez and Viviana Urvina) for without you it would not have been possible to manage and create such creative and inspiring posters during the workshop.

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Festival de Diseño y Artes Aplicadas – Cromía

On the 3rd April I visited the Festival de Diseño y Artes Aplicadas – Cromía in Cuenca. It was a very good festival especially since it was the first year of the event. I had 3 of my posters at the event also ‘Dead Leaf’ ‘Female Surrrounded’ and ‘See with heart’.

cs-cromia-1 cs-cromia-2 cs-cromia-3 cs-cromia-4 cs-cromia-5 cs-cromia-6 cs-cromia-7

2012 highlights

and so 2012 comes to a end and what a wonderful year it has been. It really has been without doubt the most special and life changing of my 26 year existence.

Here is a review of some the highlights.


‘Love over hate’ was selected for San Violentín 2012 in Ecuador.

Visited Ecuador to meet his beautiful girlfriend for the first time.

Lecture called ‘See with heart’ at the Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador.

‘Dead Leaf was selected for the Green Patriots Poster show in New York.

‘We take water for granted’ was selected for Recolor Somalia in Iran.

Received his first ever Apple computer.

‘Empathy’ was selected for Seeds of Peace in Italy.

‘White tiger Melts’ was exhibited in Poland as part of Skopje EcoLogic poster revew exhibition.

Received a wonderful package from Andrew Lewis which contained so many precious items.

Was featured on the poster project Plazat Sozial which is a International platform for posters with social content.

‘Dead Leaf’ was selected 1st in the Occupy: what’s next? Public choice Category Award.

Received the book International Design Awards 2010 which featured my Silver award winning poster ‘Dead Leaf’.

‘See with heart’ was selected for the Golden Bee 10 in Russia.

Freedom of Speech was exhibited at the Golden Bee 10 in Russia

Workshop called ‘See with heart’ at the Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador.

Accepted the job as a Professor of Graphic Design at the Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador (Umet Ecuador)

Moved to Quito, Ecuador and into his new apartment.

‘Peace makes sense’ a collaboration with Ronald J. Cala IIwas selected as a finalist for Adfesta International Typography Festival.

Met Stefan Sagmeister at his conference in Ecuador.

His student Diego Vaca was selected for the official promo poster for Skopje Poster Fifth International Student Poster Competition 2012 (Money for free).

‘Woman surrounded’ was selected amongst the 100 best posters of Poster for Tomorrow “Gender Equality Now!”

His student Carlos Cepeda Mosquera was selected as one of the 14 finalists for Gentletude Design Award 2012 in Italy.

New branding/website for the release of

Featured in Issue 54 of CMYK Magazine, Inc. in the category Rising Star.

Organising, Preparing and setting up the exhibition Poster for tomorrow Quito, Ecuador.

Featured in InPrint Magazine Issue 9 in the category ‘Creative thinking’.

and last but certainly not least spending Christmas with his girlfriend (and hopefully New Years)


I hope everyone had a great 2012 and an even better 2013.

Your friend,