First day shooting Designers Speak

Yesterday was the first day shooting my new project called Designers Speak which is a video podcast were we talk about all things design.

A huge thanks to the other members of the Designers Speak team (Santiago Gómez and Nicolas Camacho) for supporting the project and making it become a reality with me.

More news on the release of the very first episode plus other content coming very soon.

first day designers speak

90SecondCity – Umet Ecuador

Proud to announce that the film ‘Brutalmente Hermosa’ by my students in the Creativity class has been shortlisted for the ’90SecondCity international short film/animation competition’ screened at Culture Tech 2013, Derry, Northern Ireland.

“Your students film went down really well.  It added a true international flavour and was one of the favourites.  Congratulations to you and your students.”

Padraic Lynch


Congratulations to:

Cristian Rodriguez
Doris Lovato
Marilyn Merino
Santiago Lopez
Geovanny Alvarado
Elizabeth Flores

Also a special mention to Santiago Gómez who started the project but could not finish it because of a serious injury.
Music by Diego Vaca.

You can view the video here


90SecondCity 90-second-city-umet-students 90-second-city-umet Brutalmente hermosa 1 Brutalmente hermosa 2 Brutalmente hermosa 3 Brutalmente hermosa 4 Brutalmente hermosa 5 Brutalmente hermosa 6