SIGNO 2014 Workshop – Update

During the month of November last year I had the honor to have a workshop at the Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014 in Merida, Venezuela.  The theme for this workshop was the international poster competition Skopje Poster 2014 ‘Design for Peace’.  I am proud to finally announce that 2 of the participants (Eduardo Rincón and Rafael Pérez) during my workshop were selected from over 2000 submissions to the final 100 posters.  The 100 selected posters were part of a great exhibition in Skopje, Macedonia and also soon to be part of a prestigious book.

Congratulations Eduardo and Rafael.

You can view all the selected posters here

congreso-signo-2014-16 congreso-signo-2014-12 congreso-signo-2014-14 congreso-signo-2014-11 congreso-signo-2014-1

0 Signo workshop - 7th Skopje poster1 Signo workshop - 7th Skopje poster2 Signo workshop - 7th Skopje poster3 Signo workshop - 7th Skopje poster4 Signo workshop - 7th Skopje poster



Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014

It was my honour and privilege to give a workshop and conference at the Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014 in Merida, Venezuela.

A huge thanks to Sasha Becerra and the Signo team for inviting me and making everything so comfortable and easy.

Also I would like to thank all my friends and the people of Venezuela who made me feel so welcome in Venezuela. (José José Villamizar, Juan Manuel Madriz Pontiles, Nathaly Bonilla, Tamara Hadeed, Rubén Darío Moreno Aldana, Vanessa Zúñiga, Gabriel Figuera, Jaime Cruz, Rafael Marquino and everyone else)

The best of luck with Signo 7 and I hope I see you all again very soon.

congreso-signo-2014-0 congreso-signo-2014-1 congreso-signo-2014-2 congreso-signo-2014-3 congreso-signo-2014-4 congreso-signo-2014-5 congreso-signo-2014-6 congreso-signo-2014-7 congreso-signo-2014-8 congreso-signo-2014-9 congreso-signo-2014-10 congreso-signo-2014-11 congreso-signo-2014-12 congreso-signo-2014-13 congreso-signo-2014-14 congreso-signo-2014-15 congreso-signo-2014-16 congreso-signo-2014-17 congreso-signo-2014-18 congreso-signo-2014-19 congreso-signo-2014-20 congreso-signo-2014-21 congreso-signo-2014-22 congreso-signo-2014-23 congreso-signo-2014-24 congreso-signo-2014-25 congreso-signo-2014-26 congreso-signo-2014-27 congreso-signo-2014-28 congreso-signo-2014-29 congreso-signo-2014-30 congreso-signo-2014-31 congreso-signo-2014-32 congreso-signo-2014-33 congreso-signo-2014-34 congreso-signo-2014-35 congreso-signo-2014-36 congreso-signo-2014-37 congreso-signo-2014-38 congreso-signo-2014-39

6to Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014

I am very happy to announce I will be giving a conference and workshop at the 6to Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico SIGNO 2014. The event will take place at the ‘Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y Ambientales ULA Auditorio Alí Primera’ during the 26th to 28th November in Mérida, Venezuela.

You can find more news and updates on the event here

and also more news to be released on the official website soon here6to Congreso Internacional de Diseño Gráfico Signo 2014

Scott Gómez

Proud to announce a new exciting project that I am starting with the talented Santiago Gómez called Scott Gómez.

Scott Gómez es una organización, que promociona talleres, conferencias y proyectos sociales, con el enfoque hacia universidades, escuelas y a la comunidad.

Scott Gómez is a organisation that makes workshops, conferences and social projects with the focus on universities, schools and the community.


You can find all the latest projects we will create our facebook page.