Ryszard Kaja en Ecuador

A few weeks ago it was an honour for me to organise the event ‘Ryszard Kaja en Ecuador’ who is one of the most prolific contemporary Polish poster artists.

The day included an exclusive interview on the UTE Ecuador radio channel followed by a wonderful conference and ended with a television interview.

The event was co-organised by the Ecuador Poster Bienal and the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial in Quito, Ecuador.

Thanks to Dead Rabbit for the wonderful photos.

Día del Cartel – UTE – Quito, Ecuador

On Tuesday 2nd June we had the great event Día del Cartel at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial.  During this unique day we had 5 conferences by (Christian Lasso, Santiago Gómez, Oscar Chamorro, Mario Fuentes and myself) and 1 workshop in the evening.

I hope everyone enjoyed what was a special day.  A huge thanks to our production team Dead Rabbit.Dia-del-Cartel-1 Dia-del-Cartel-1a Dia-del-Cartel-2 Dia-del-Cartel-3 Dia-del-Cartel-4 Dia-del-Cartel-5 Dia-del-Cartel-6 Dia-del-Cartel-7 Dia-del-Cartel-8 Dia-del-Cartel-9 Dia-del-Cartel-10 Dia-del-Cartel-11 Dia-del-Cartel-12 Dia-del-Cartel-13 Dia-del-Cartel-14 Dia-del-Cartel-15 Dia-del-Cartel-16 Dia-del-Cartel-17 Dia-del-Cartel-18 Dia-del-Cartel-19 Dia-del-Cartel-19a Dia-del-Cartel-19b Dia-del-Cartel-20 Dia-del-Cartel-21 Dia-del-Cartel-22 Dia-del-Cartel-23