Poster for Tomorrow – La Metro Ecuador

Last week it was an honour to have the exhibition Poster for Tomorrow – Work Right in La Metro in Quito, Ecuador.

A huge thanks to Lucho, Carla and the rest of the team at the Ministerio Cultura Ecuador for helping us organise such a wonderful opening and exhibition.  Also thanks to the team at La Metro for arranging the exhibition and for letting us use their awesome facilities. 

pft-2014-la-metro-0 pft-2014-la-metro-1 pft-2014-la-metro-2 pft-2014-la-metro-3 pft-2014-la-metro-4 pft-2014-la-metro-5 pft-2014-la-metro-6 pft-2014-la-metro-7 pft-2014-la-metro-8 pft-2014-la-metro-9 pft-2014-la-metro-10

Poster for Tomorrow 2014 – Paris

Last week was the opening of the 2014 edition of Poster for Tomorrow in Paris, France.  It also was the opening of the ’boutique for tomorrow’ which is the new offices for the project 4Tomorrow.

It was an honour to have 2 of my posters, a poster I collaborated with my friend Santiago Gómez and also 3 posters of my students at the exhibition.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

PFT Paris 2014 PFT Paris 2014 1 PFT Paris 2014 1a PFT Paris 2014 2

PFT-Paris-2014-3 PFT-Paris-2014-4

PFT Paris 2014 5 PFT Paris 2014 6 PFT Paris 2014 7 PFT Paris 2014 8 PFT Paris 2014 9 PFT Paris 2014 10