ZX Flux Quito – Exhibition

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition ZX Flux Quito organised by Adidas in Guápulo, Ecuador. Nearly 400 design from all over Ecuador were submitted and only 50 was selected for the event.

Congratulations to the 6 selected UTE students Ronnie Crux, David Machado, Luis Eduardo Baquero, Franklin Arias, Felipe Torres and Eduardo Yepes who were selected for the exhibition.

zxfluz-quito-exhibition zxfluz-quito-exhibition15 zxfluz-quito-exhibition14 zxfluz-quito-exhibition13 zxfluz-quito-exhibition12 zxfluz-quito-exhibition11 zxfluz-quito-exhibition10 zxfluz-quito-exhibition9 zxfluz-quito-exhibition8 zxfluz-quito-exhibition7 zxfluz-quito-exhibition6 zxfluz-quito-exhibition5 zxfluz-quito-exhibition4 zxfluz-quito-exhibition3 zxfluz-quito-exhibition2 zxfluz-quito-exhibition1 zxfluz-quito-exhibition17 zxfluz-quito-exhibition16

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